Same Day Carpet Cleaning Services offers:

Carpet Deep and Steam Cleaning

We pretreat the whole carpet with a specialized solution that softens heavily stained and soiled areas. Pretreatment is followed by hot steam cleaning which extracts dirt, heavy soil and the cleaning solution leaving you a clean and healthy carpet.

    3 Bedroom deep & steam cleaning
    Up to 130 sq ft per room 
    Ultra Deep Carpet Cleaning

    Includes the pretreatment followed by the rotary scrubbing machine (RotoVac) and steam cleaning at the same time. This machine gets better results with a deeper cleaning on very heavy traffic or deeply stained open areas. This particular process thoroughly cleans the carpet from all directions with hundreds of multi-directional cleaning passess, rather than just back and forth a few times like a manual wand, to obtain better results.

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      Add Rotary Scrubbing for 

      Per Bedroom
      Up to 130 sq ft per room (For a deeper cleaning)

      • Deodorizer and Enzyme Treatment

      Our enzyme treatment helps neutralize carpet odors killing the bacteria that causes them as well such as urine, feces, vomit and organic spills.

      • Carpet Protector

      Helps keep your carpet looking cleaner for a longer period of time. This protection shields each fiber from absorbing spills, stains and resist dirt.

      • Area rugs, Oriental and Fine Rugs

      We use a fine fabric solution, and different techniques depending on the type of carpet and the fabric. They are cleaned and treated individually with our multiple steps process that will leave your carpet clean and healthy.

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